V2 Technology, founded in Silicon Valley,
California, offers a Video-Enhanced "All-Communications-in-One-Box" server for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB). Applications are now possible over Universal Connection, elevated from fragmented and multiple platforms to a single, unified system. The power of Applications can now leapfrog from this unification to increase business productivity and effectiveness.

V2 Technology's Universal Connection Server SBS-8100 (V2 UC Server), based on its innovative and efficient-Video-QoS architecture, consolidates multiple communication systems and networks, e.g., PBX (PSTN and IP), Switch/Router, Video Conference, and Video Surveillance, into a single highly-integrated system in ONE BOX to seamlessly support Universal Connection at both communication and application levels.

V2 Technology, Inc. - Universal Connection

Finally, Affordable Universal Connection for SMB

With rapid advances in technology, there is a real need for SMB to keep up with their Bigger Enterprise peers in communication capability. Such as upgrading existing communication systems to embrace next generation video/voice convergence applications, such as Telepresence and Collaboration, to increase a company's productivity, while cutting big expenses, e.g. travel. However, the complexity, low performance and high costs prohibit SMBs to take advantage of this advancement. Now, V2's Universal Connection Server SBS-8100 delivers a total solution to benefit SMBs.


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