V2 TECHNOLOGY, INC. In May 2013, the company was established in Taipei for worldwide sales, marketing, service, R & D, application development and Logistics. The technology and product was designed and developed in Silicon Valley, California by a group of experienced Information and Telecommunication veterans in engineering, marketing, sales and management in Silicon Valley, California. Tzerng-Hong Lin, Ting Liu, and YonVin Wang. V2's core business is to design, develop, produce and market a commercialized All-in-One embedded Voice-Video-Data convergent Private Cloud Platform for UC&C (Unified Communication and Collaboration) applications. V2's core technology, SolutionNet©, includes V2's self-developed platform architecture, hardware system design, OS (Operating System), and unique and friendly media streaming algorithm of QoS (Quality of Service). This platform provides most efficient capabilities in integration, media streaming throughput, clustering and seamless connectivity. Company currently has operation in USA, Taiwan and China branches.

V2 Technology, Inc. - Universal Connection

Finally, Affordable Universal Connection for SMB

With rapid advances in technology, there is a real need for SMB to keep up with their Bigger Enterprise peers in communication capability. Such as upgrading existing communication systems to embrace next generation video/voice convergence applications, such as Telepresence and Collaboration, to increase a company's productivity, while cutting big expenses, e.g. travel. However, the complexity, low performance and high costs prohibit SMBs to take advantage of this advancement. Now, V2's Universal Connection Server UC-8100 delivers a total solution to benefit SMBs.


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