The V2 Universal Connection empowers applications to a new realm of reality over Universal Connection by integrating and building on the following elements:

  • Universal Communication Infrastructure
    It supports voice, data and video over the full range of local wired and wireless communication networks, across a wide spectrum of devices simultaneously, while meeting stringent performance requirements for voice and video.
  • Universal End Point Devices
    It supports a wide spectrum of devices from phone, mobile phone, smart phone, PC, IP Camera, to servers and storage devices - beyond traditional PBX devices.
  • Universal Network Connections
    It supports a wide spectrum of network connections from analog trunk, digital trunk, Ethernet LAN and WAN network, DSL network, to WiMax network, Cellular 3G and 4G networks.
  • Universal Reach
    It supports remote extension with V2 client on a wide spectrum of end points while the user is on the road, at home or at client and partner offices. It also supports V2 patent pending clustering technology to enable V2 product networking among business locations (e.g. main offices, branch offices, remote offices) reliably and seamlessly. Finally, it will support Cisco Telepresence Interoperability Protocol and makes the universal reach of multimedia collaboration for SMB and Branch Office a true reality.

V2 Technology, Inc. - Universal Connection

Example: Medical Clinic Solution

A V2 UC Server is installed on clinic premises. All patients at home or in remote locations can be set up and configured as remote extensions to the clinic. Patients and clinic will be able to make good quality Video Call connections. Nurse coaches patient "face-to-face" and collects their vital signs along with patient's other health information from database at the clinic and hospital for Doctor to conduct a "Tele-Visit".

The doctor may decide that it will require a specialist consultation. The Doctor issues a Ring-All feature from V2 UC Server to reach the specialist that is on call. During the video consultation, medical data and imagery are securely exchanged in real-time via Data Sharing. It is determined that immediate medical attention is required. The doctor then bridges the video conference among them.

In the case that the wired connection at the Doctor's clinic goes down unexpectedly, the V2 system will switch the WAN connection to LTE link immediately, and the conference will continue seamlessly. If the patient requests a family member to join the discussion of the situation, the clinic issues a Ring-All to reach the relative. The relative may accept and join the conference via his/her smart phone. The next medical treatment is then decided among all.

During the night, Video Surveillance application coordinates the IP Camera network and Storage device in real time. When the security alarm is triggered, it will notify the property manager and law enforcement offices with selective or massive notification to all staff members if needed, via Ring=All feature, reaching them at their voice, data or video endpoints. Both manager and law enforcement officers can then dial in as local extension or remote extension to scan the entire premise to verify and take appropriate action while being in conference in real-time.

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